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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Axe Throwing?

Axe Throwing is a sport where competitors throw axes at a target, attempting to hit as close as possible to the center. It’s a fun and exciting activity that improves hand-eye coordination and accuracy.

Do I need experience for Axe Throwing?

No, you do not need prior experience. Our team will teach you the proper throwing technique before you begin.

What should I wear to the Axe Throwing and Rage Room facility?

You should wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Avoid loose clothing or jewelry that could get in the way.

What is a Rage Room?

A Rage Room, also known as a Smash Room, is a space where you can let off steam by destroying objects like glass bottles, old electronics, or furniture.

Is the Rage Room safe?

Yes, safety is our top priority. We provide safety gear, including a full face mask, gloves, and a jumpsuit. All participants must follow our safety rules and guidelines.

Can I bring my own items to destroy in the Rage Room?

Typically, we provide items for destruction, but you may bring your own items. Please review our policies or contact us to ensure your items are acceptable.

Is there an age limit for the Axe Throwing and Rage Room?

NO! We encourage families and kids to try both Axe Throwing as well as the Rage Room! We do ask that all participant’s sign a release waiver!  

Do I need to book in advance?

We recommend booking in advance to secure your desired time slot. However, walk-ins are welcome based on availability.

Can I organize a private event or party at your facility?

Yes, our facility is perfect for parties, team building events, and other private gatherings. Contact us for more details.

What are your operating hours?

Our most up to date hours can be found at the bottom of our website.